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"Why was I born a Woman?"
Ad for Kotex menstrual pads, September 1941, in
Woman's Home Companion magazine, U.S.A

Study the enlargements of the ad below.

Now, tell me what the guy's name is!
What year of school - freshman, etc. - in college or high school is he in?
And why is he wearing eyeliner?

Read "As One Girl To Another," advertised at the bottom right.

I thank the generous donor, who has contributed many items since the start of MUM, in 1994!

The circles refer to comments below.
Below: The red circle above envelops the girl below. Study the picture for the boy's name. My answer at right.
Menstruating, she plays solitaire. Her lips are pressed against J - she's practically eati-, um, him, er, the card - and her lip shape reflects the shape of the heart! And we know that hearts and lips are red - as is MENSTRUATION! (Sorry to mention that.)
J of course stands for Jack (John), the boy's name. At least that's my take on it. And I made her the queen.
The Queen loves Jack.
Do the rest of the cards mean anything?
Another name for solitaire is Patience, which Kotex doesn't advise in the ad.
Search other Nurick ads for puzzles in 1942, 1943, 1944, World War II era, Great booklet (1956), 1948, 1949, 1949, 1950s, 1952, 1953, 1964.
The size of the cards in the original ad is very small and I doubt readers would have picked up on the joke - if it is one. The artist might have just been chuckling to himself.
I chuckle to myself often and sometimes to a cat or two or three or . . . .
I'm an artist.
Below: Kotex chased solitaire away!
Question: Is the boy a freshman or what?
Let's assume "42" means his class, the year he'll graduate.
This ad appeared in September of 1941. He would graduate
the following year, 1942. That made him a senior!
Last question: Why is he wearing eyeliner? Dunno!
I've known men who have lots of dark eyelashes on the lower lid;
maybe that's the case here.
In 1941 I doubt eyeliner was the choice of preppy boys, and
gays were well closeted. Either illustrator Nurick had something
for him or just wanted to emphasize the eyes.
Look! She doesn't meet his gaze - she has her eyes on his ice cream cone.
If she can finish hers fast maybe she can get him to give her his.

Note the incredible irony of BLUE, as in "the blues," being Kotex's official color.
The official color of the leading pad maker reflected the feelings of many women
before and during their periods.
Were they awake when they picked it?

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