See a Tampax tampon ad. See a wrapped Modess pad from about this era, an ad from about this time, and some pad dispensers.
Compare a more somber American ad for Kotex from five years earlier
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Wrapped Kotex menstrual pad for a dispenser (mid 1930s)

As early as the 1920s women could buy Kotex from West Disinfecting Company dispensers, which dispensed the pad shown below. Note the cross, a feature of Kotex, Modess and other companies at this time, probably to increase the credibility of their products. But Kotex did start out as a bandage during World War I, and Johnson & Johnson, which made (and makes Modess), made bandages. The patents for pads and tampons, by the way, lie in the same section as those for bandages in the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office.


The package measures 10" by 4.25" (about 25.4 cm by 11 cm). At the bottom center,
tiny type reads "Copr. Kotex Co. 1933."


Note that users were supposed to take the used pad apart, cut the gauze, and flush the parts down the toilet. That's a lot to ask, especially since this pad came from a dispenser in a public place, not at home. Do you carry scissors with you? Here are instructions in Spanish for a version of that operation. See some other allegedly flushable pads, and here (Society napkins).


The box above is enlarged from the back of the packaging (above). The back of the wrapped Modess pad from about the same time is blank. See a large magazine ad for the booklet (1932).
Read the advertised booklet, "Marjorie May's Twelfth Birthday," and see the envelope it came in; and read two other contemporary booklets from Kotex. Read a 1928 version of the booklet. Ms. Callender wrote the Marjorie May booklets.
Strangely enough, "How shall I tell my daughter" became the title of a series of booklets by Kotex's arch rival, Modess.

See a wrapped Modess pad from about this era, an ad from about this time, and some pad dispensers.

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