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New Freedom towels (sanitary napkins) and pantie set (Kotex)
Ad in (magazine?/newspaper?) Fabulous 208 (United Kingdom, 10 February 1973)

Menstruation, Kotex, Cellucotton, menstrual hygiene, history, sanitary napkin, pad, panties, panty

The top text in the ad reads
"Confidence is knowing that nothing can possibly go wrong."

But something HAS gone wrong! A hawk-beaked monster wearing jeans has wrapped its wings around the presumably menstruating woman, who I guess is wearing the Kotex towel and pantie set - NOT the kind of protection she needs right now!

Judging by its talons and smile, she has only seconds to live! Soon we'll see just jeans, a fur coat, and a Kotex towel and pantie set strewn on the desolate (U. K.?) beach, the hideous raptor disappearing into the clouds bearing its bloody (in two ways), wriggling prey!

Wow, let me recover from writing that. Pretty good, huh? Publishers, wait your turn at!

Phew, I've caught my breath.

Another Kotex ad presents a vastly different woman and a self-satisfied man.

And did you know that Kotex once peopled - er, personed - a series of ads with - gasp! - just a MAN?? Not in English, of course, but in Dutch. And the French, naturally, ran their own just-male menstrual ads.

Oh, wait, I just rediscovered on my own site an ad praising the MEN who helped the Mølnlycke pad company reach second place in sales in the Netherlands (1978)! I never know what I'll find on this site.

By the way, the Kotex-wearing model - who doesn't look very worried in spite of what I wrote - looks like the popular model who once appeared in a 1970s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue - oops, now you know I once looked at the swimsuit issue! At least she seems to be on her element, a beach, although not the sunny place she once enjoyed.
Was she at the end of her career, washed up on the shore? Posing for Kotex could indicate that.

Posing for a Kotex ad (unintentionally) at the start of her career drove the first actual person in a menstrual products ad from the U.S. to France and to fame.
Another New Freedom towel and pantie set, U.K. (no date). More menstrual ads from the United Kingdom.
MORE underpants & panties.

Read early articles about Cellucotton, the wadding inside a Kotex pad that the company created.
First Kotex ad in a magazine (1921; scroll to bottom of page)
Very early newspaper ads.
I thank the donor of the ad!

Below: The page measures 8 11/16 x 11 5/8" (22.8 x 29.7 cm).
See a 1970s Kotex "panti" with a similar gripper.

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See a 3-D Dr White's ad and an ad contest for Dr White's. And a penis-tampon ad.
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