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Personal Digest Leaflet (Personal Products, 1966, U.S.A.)

Below is a Personal Digest leaflet from 1966, published by Personal Products, maker of Modess menstrual pads.. The sanitary belt and panty industry in the United States almost disappeared in the early 1970s because of the introduction of adhesive menstrual pads, which stick to the crotch of panties with an adhesive strip. Millions of women breathed a sigh of relief. But Kotex reintroduced a disposable panty recently (1998), I'm sure in response to a real need. Menstruation can be unexpected and messy. Men are lucky in many ways.

Pads attached to belts twisted easily (that's called "roping") and moved out of place. The pads chaffed women's legs and vulvas (see the Dickinson Report from 1945). Pads in that earlier era were thick and long (up to 20", almost 51 cm). The original Kotex pad (with tabs for pinning onto a belt or clothing) from 1921 was 22" long (almost 56 cm.)!

Companies and catalogs sold scores of kinds of belts from at least the last century to the present day. The Sears, Roebuck catalog even once offered a fancy trousseau sanitary napkin belt, I assume to be given to a woman about to marry! Here are some belts the museum owns.

See covers of, and links to, more Personal Digests.

I thank the former Tambrands, maker of Tampax tampons, for the Personal Digest leaflets!

Below: The two sides of the 4-panel, 10 7/8 x 4 1/2" (27.5 x 11.4 cm) paper leaflet.
When folded, the lady scratching her little finger (far right, top) appears on front.
See Meds tampons from this era and Modess sanitary belts.
Below: See more panties in a Personal Digest leaflet (here) and actual underpants: Modess "Sanitary Shield," Modess "Panti-kini,"
Kotex "Panti," and all underpants on this site.

NEXT Personal Digest leaflet and covers of many. See belts and pads on mannequins at MUM, actual belts in this museum, Hickory-brand belts, sanitary panties offered by Modess in the 1960s, and the directory of underwear.

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