Swedish Saba ad, Finnish Sanisept ad - French Modess ad (1970s).

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Polivia menstrual napkin (serviette) ad, France, probably 1980s
Magazine unknown

People everywhere admire French style; this ad certainly has it. Simplicity, beauty and a teasingly erotic, a mostly verboten theme in America. (See another example, French Modess ad [1970s].)

It's interesting that we can't see a front view, which would tell whether or not the pad is invisible, a point the ad text emphasizes. Instead we get a side view of an attractive woman wearing thin panties. The woman reader might say, "Well, if it's good enough for this babe, I can wear it too, even though I really can't see if the ad is telling the truth." The following two Scandinavian ads (below) skip the glamour part and show the nuts and bolts of the product.

For more French indirection and style, see this ad, and a similar (although glamourless) Dutch ad.

The ad also emphasizes the pad's ability to adhere to the crotch of the panties, probably a more recent addition to pads in France than in America (see early adhesive pads); and the narrowed form in the back to accommodate the buttocks - the front, vulva end is wider.

My translation:

Polivia adhesive

the menstrual pad thinned towards the rear

Even under the lightest dress Polivia adhesive is invisible: its anatomical form thinned towards the rear is adapted to the feminine form.Completely discreet.

And Polivia moreover has the other qualities indispensable for a good menstrual pad: adhesive (a double band to better hold it in place), soft, super absorbent, and also treated with a deodorant without perfume - and accompanied with a pouch for throwing it away.

Polivia adhesive: complete security, discretion itself.

Polivia adhesive

guarantied by Polive

hygiene in the pharmacy

Compare the following Swedish and Finnish ads that are a bit less "designy" and more explicit as you expect from Scandinavia although that area is also famous for its design. People have described Sweden as a land of engineers.

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