Kotex ad emphasizing shame, 1992. Similar Kotex ad in Malaysia.
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Kotex menstrual panty pad ad with a man and no woman,
The Netherlands, 2000

I know of only three other ads for menstrual hygiene featuring just a man. Two are for the French Nana and still puzzle me (here and here). The other is almost a mirror of this one but for Malaysia - a Muslim country! And he smirks. But in general I think it's healthy to connect men with menstruation although not in the sense that only a man could cause such misery, which led a Welsh woman to write me, "When I was in school we used to say 'Henry was here,' as only a man could cause such pain and inconvenience." (See Words and expressions for menstruation, Wales section.)

The man says, "Unbelievable. . . so thin, now I get why I don't see anything."

Margot van Mulken kindly sent me this ad, one of scores, along with many photocopies as part of her research for her article "De verpakking van maandverband: De ontwikkeling van retoriek in tijdschriftadvertenties" in Tidschift voor Genderstudies, 2005-1.

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Kotex ad emphasizing shame, 1992 - See Women's Greatest Hygienic Handicap

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