Kotex ad emphasizing shame, 1992
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Kotex menstrual napkin ad, March 19, 1927

Kotex's early ads, from 1921 through the end of the twenties, exemplified what might be called the Golden Age of American Illustration. The artists painted - and photographed - realistically and very well, as you see below. None of that newfangled art from the Armory Show 14 years earlier: no influence of Brancusi, Seurat or Cézanne. Ads sell products and if readers don't like the art - some of the Armory art offends the average person today - they don't buy.

Kotex doesn't mince words presenting its product. Women must protect themselves and their surroundings from any trace of menstruation, be it odor or stain or bulge - considerations that ring true today. What's more, registered nurse Ellen J. Buckland, who is credited with the ad's text, writes, "A majority of the commoner ailments, according to some medical authorities, are due to the use of unsanitary, makeshift ways in meeting woman's most distressing hygienic problem." (This echoes German doctors' pleas of a few decades earlier to at least use something!) By 1927 fewer women made their own washable menstrual napkins (see an Italian sample, which is more elaborate than the common bird's-eye item many Americans created), but enough for Nurse Buckland to lead off her pitch discouraging its use, although she does not call it by its name, mentioning only "laundry" - neither does she use the word "menstruation" or its synonyms other than "handicap" and "problem."

Kotex and later, Tampax, both paired medical authority with their products, just as many companies did, using the public's respect for the medical establishment as a selling tool.

Kotex was king - um, queen? - in 1927 but challenged by many other companies, here and abroad. Read more about these competing products in the fascinating Gilbreth Report of 1927.

And see more early Kotex ads and an ad for another way to ban traces of menstruation.

Click on the ad to see readable enlargements, or click for the main picture, ad text, and the small drawings at right.
Kotex ad emphasizing shame, 1992

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