Compare the American "Modess . . . . because" ads, and the German "Freedom" (Kimberly-Clark) for teens.
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Nana sanitary napkin ad, France, 1989, Elle magazine

Ads for menstrual products featuring just a man are rare, as you can imagine. Nana sanitary napkins made at least two.

I think the text says, "How does she do it and be a chick [girl] too?" nana meaning girl - but a French speaker told me it means "nice" or "cute." Does this mean "How does she do it, menstruate and be [that American word of choice for menstrual advertising] - feminine?"
Another e-mailer who said she's bilingual said it meant "What does she do to be so cute?"

But nana in 19th century France could mean prostitute (discussion) an amazingly similar usage to the German menstrual pad Camelia, named for the flower associated with a - hold your breath - French prostitute.

Interesting huh? Two major menstrual pads in Europe whose names are associated with prostitutes!

See a similar Nana ad.

Send me your suggestions for a better translation!

The ad measures 17.75 x 11.62" (45 x 29.6 cm] across two pages. By this time the vast majority of American magazines had given up large sizes like this because of the expense.

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Compare the American "Modess . . . . because" ads, and the German "Freedom" (Kimberly-Clark) for teens.

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