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More ads for napkin belts: Sears, 1928 - modern belts - modern washable - Modess, 1960s
Actual belts in the museum
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Ad for Stayfree menstrual pads, Germany, 1976, magazine unknown

Unlike the blue-blood Americans, Germans actually show it red. Germans often talk about the prudishness of Americans, even in the media.

Below: My archives have swallowed up the original so I can't state the size.
My translation:

The head reads
Stayfree, the Mini Pad.
The special pad for the lighter days.

[on the drawing]
Stayfree, the mini pad
[at right]
Traditional pad

[Text underneath]
During your period you really have not one but 2 bleedings: a stronger one in the first 2 days, when you lose up to 3/4 of the total loss. And a lighter one in the remaining days.

[bar chart]
For heavier bleeding you need as before a large pad.

But for the lighter one a small pad is enough:
Stayfree, the mini pad.

This pad is so small you hardly notice it. In spite of that it offers enough protection for lighter days. It can be placed in any panties and is almost invisible and adheres by way of a sticky strip and doesn't shift.

If you're one of those women who only bleed slightly the whole period you can forget about big pads and use Stayfree mini pad every day of your period.

[next column]
It also protects your underwear on stressful days, when you have a cold, and in many other situation known only to you.

Because Stayfree mini pad is so small it's not only comfortable it's easy to change.

Another reason on light days to wear a special pad.

[photo of box]
If you cut out this photo, glue it on a postcard, and put a 40 Pfennige stamp on it, then send it to Dr. Carl Hahn Inc., Postbox 4820, 4 Düsseldorf, you'll receive 6 free Stayfree mini pads with an information brochure.

Don't forget your address!

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