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Early Pursettes lubricated menstrual tampon ads

Pursettes tampons, which evolved into tampons mainly for teenagers and young women (see the many later ads listed at left), started out designed for a mixed-age audience, as the ads below show.

Tambrands, the former maker of Tampax tampons, generously donated these ads to your MUM as part of a huge gift of archival material. Probably someone at Tambrands wrote the annotations, typed the sources, and punched the holes.

There was at least one 1930s tampon that had built-in lubrication (Dale), and many tampons in the 1930s also had no applicators. Tampax came with the first applicator, in the early 1930s.


(Above) Two women talk - about tampons? - over coffee. I am given to understand that advertising people (men, I'm sure) called this commonly used situation - (WARNING! VULGARITY FOLLOWS!) - "Two c's in a k": "Two cunts in a kitchen." This shows contempt for women and the customer, identical in this case. Maybe with women more involved in the industry (I assume) expressions like this have disappeared.
Note the last sentence: the Pursettes people are telling girls they won't lose their virginity by inserting the tampon. This issue plagued Tampax right from the beginning (see a famous Tampax ad), and still inhibits many girls from using tampons
From March 1959.

(Above) Under "FREE OFFER," I believe K, M or T stand for Kotex, Modess and Tampax, the leaders in the menstrual hygiene industry at the time (now it's Always pads and Tampax tampons; Procter & Gamble owns both).

Pursettes: 1975 (cartoon story) - Undated ad - See the actual Pursette tampon, box and tote

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