Compare a French Modess ad, a German ad, and another French ad featuring just a man!
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Modess . . . . because ads, part 4 (parts 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and
on a set of playing cards and pad belt)

Four store displays offering reproductions of
Modess pad fashion photograph ads, 1957, U.S.A.

Many product ads offered items for sale or for free aside from the products the viewer could buy - but reproductions of ads for menstrual products? Huh?

Because of society's norms - especially American society's - the offering had to evoke nothing of menstruation. But that was the whole idea of this at-a-loss-for-words advertising campaign, at least for the first years. Who would connect beautiful gowns with periods?

Modess sanitary napkins conducted a famous advertising campaign from 1948 to the 1970s in the U.S.A. Usually the only words were "Modess . . . . because."  Think modest. Advertising journals of the time occasionally made fun of the series; sometimes they praised it. In a sense, the unfinished phrase summed up the American public's feelings about menstruation: It's something it couldn't talk about! Read a Johnson & Johnson inside account of the origin of this campaign. Read more about this campaign.

These are probably the most elegant ads ever made for menstrual products, although Modess had had a history of elegance reflected in fashion.

I thank the frequent Dutch contributor for these scans of his possessions!

Below: The scan donor gives the measurements as follows (each of the displays is the same size):
The height: 360 mm; the width at top 310 mm (14.17"), in the middle at its widest 505 mm (19.9"),
and at bottom 465 mm (18.3"). The thickness of the cardboard is 3 mm, (about 1/10").

The scan donor believes the woman in the gown was the famous American model
(Dorothy Virginia Margaret Juba; read more here). I think he's right.
She's also on this card.

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Compare a French Modess ad, a German ad, and another French ad featuring just a man!
And see a Modess . . . . because pad dispenser from the Smithsonian Institution.
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