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Ad for Pursettes menstrual tampons, April 1959

Pursettes, an American tampon from the 1950s-1970s, experimented more with its ads than most other menstrual products companies. Besides making full-page cartoon (October 1974) and facsimile testimonial (September 1972, August 1973) ads, it dared to bore readers with the ad below, a mass of text with a generic photo telling about its origins. In this it is the opposite of the "Modess . . . . because" ads, a mass of photo with text that repeated through three decades (see some examples).

By the way, some facts in the first column are incorrect, something common in menstrual advertising. There had been disposable pads before the 1920s (Johnson & Johnson's Lister's Towels in the 1890s and possibly Curads pads - and maybe others); and you are left with the impression that all tampons had applicators; most tampons (for example, fax, which didn't even have a string!) in the 1930s did not have applicators, just like Pursettes. But it's true that twisting and binding were still problems with pads and that the majority of women didn't want to use tampons (read the "Dickinson Report" about these problems).

Tambrands generously gave the ad to the museum as part of a great gift. Note that someone from that company wrote in the upper-right and lower-left corners.

I cybersliced the ad to make it down load faster, but it's still a long download!



See the actual Pursette tampon, box and tote See more ads for Pursettes: July 1972 (letter testimonial) - October 1974 (cartoon story)

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