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Pursettes tampon ad, 1972

Pursettes, a tampon with a lubricated tip which was sold in the U.S.A in the 1960s through the 1980s, used cartoon advertising to appeal to a young audience (as did Saba in Denmark).

A remarkable thing to note here is that the writer uses a semi-colon, and correctly (fifth and sixth lines down: "They agree; there's really nothing like them.")!

Grab the first kid you see walking down the street by his or her scruffy t-shirt and scream, "USE A SEMI-COLON IN A SENTENCE!" You will probably vote for school vouchers thereafter, a bad idea, making our schools even worse, especially for poor people.

The bulk of the letter corresponds to how you would think a majorette would write a letter: a little too enthusiastically, as are the other testimonials. But that's what a testimonial is supposed to be.

It would be interesting to know how her life turned out: she's probably in her early forties.

See the September 1972 ad for commentary about testimonial ads in general, etc.

This ad is from July 1972.

San-Nap tampons box - folder
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