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Norwegian knitted menstrual pads from the nineteenth century, probably similar to those used by Swedes
Kotex ad emphasizing shame, 1992
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Ad for Mimosept Saba thin, flushable menstrual pads, 1981, Sweden

About the time of this ad pads everywhere were becoming thinner because of new technology and materials. About ten years earlier the other modern "revolution" occurred, with sticky pads adhering to the crotches of ordinary underpants (see New Freedom, 1970), replacing belts holding the pads inside underpants - or special underpants with various grasping devices (here's a Modess "Sanitary Shield" from 1972).

Swedes probably used knitted pads similar to these Norwegian pads in the nineteenth century and before - and maybe into the twentieth.


Here's a mini overview of the full-page ad.  See a bigger version at the bottom of the page.
My translation of the big words at top:
"I hardly dared trust such a thin pad, but now I'm happy I tried."
Words at bottom:
Mimosept Saba. Effective and discreet. Just half as thick.



We see the bulge of the pad in the underpants, a sin punishable by death in American advertising, which strives to eliminate all trace of menstruation. More Swedish bulges.

Left: The beloved blue of the Swedish flag - which may be the most beautiful of all flags - originates in the sky and water of Sweden. Once, on the train to Copenhagen, I met a Swedish girl and spent a week in her town of Nyköping, on the Baltic Sea, where we experienced scenes just like this. Are you still there, Barbro? Oops, back to work! "Spolbar" means "flushable."


Left: A visitor in the actual Museum of Menstruation pointed out to me that this woman looks right at the ad viewer, something rare in menstrual products advertising. In contrast to the confident girl looking at the viewer in a German Camelia ad, this Swedish flicka appears uncomfortable to me, although a good sport, as if she had lost a bet and had to appear in her underwear in a menstrual-pad ad.


I'll take a shot at translating the above ad copy:
Now and then innovations appear that involve big changes, like now, when a pad suddenly becomes really comfortable and discreet menstrual protection.
The new pad is called Mimosept Saba, which is only half as thick as the usual pad, but still effective, even when one has a heavy period.
Mimosept Saba is so thin that you will perhaps hesitate, but you can let it replace any pad you want.
Writing under the drawings:
[left] The usual pad is this thick [right] Mimosept Saba is merely half as thick


I translate the above text as:
Try Mimosept Saba yourself next time. You'll be surprised about how well it absorbs. The menses are drawn into the pad and don't remain on the surface.
Mimosept Saba costs about what other pads do and flushes down the toilet.
 See some other supposedly flushable pads.



See an exhibit of the history of the Norwegian branch of this company - see a Danish Saba ad - more supposedly flushable pads. Norwegian knitted menstrual pads from the nineteenth century

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