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Sta-Pacs menstrual tampons
(1930s? Sta-Pacs or Stapacs Company, U.S.A.)

Sta-Pacs - which might be based on the word Tampax, just as my invented tampon was and Slim-pax probably was - shared a similarity with Tampax: Tampax's patented applicator. You read "New Type Applicator" on its box, below, which might put its age close to the Tampax invention in the early 1930s; maybe the company was trading on the hunch that women had not yet seen the Tampax applicator. But these two similarities seems to make it a Tampax imitation.

Procter & Gamble kindly donated the box and contents as part of a gift of scores of menstrual products.

Below: The beat-up box arrived opened with several tampons missing. It measures 5.24 x 4 x 1.5" (13.3 x 10 x 3.5 cm).
Spelling Sta-Pacs two different ways seems amateurish and might indicate that this was a test box
before the final product appeared. But maybe it's just sloppiness. Or something else.
Calling them "sanitary" tampons seems the same use as in sanitary napkin, which always indicates
a menstrual product in America.
Below: "Improved TAMPON" means the buyer was familiar with the word tampon; early tampon boxes & instructions often said something like "internal sanitary napkin" even though tampons had been around for thousands of years but had been mostly used for inserting medicine into body cavities (like the vagina; more here, here, and a medical joke.)
But the BOMBSHELL is "New Type Applicator." The applicator (next page) sure looks like the patent-protected Tampax applicator that made Tampax's fortune. I wonder if Tampax lawyers caught up with these people. (See recent copy-cat Tampax: Tampex and TamPak.)
The ends and sides are identical.

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