For a later, American celebration that was a tad more graphic (see Tamara Wyndham's celebration.
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"Ein Fest für unsere Töchter," ("A Festival for Our Daughters,"), one-page announcement for a celebration of menstruation, Frankfurt, Germany, 1988

In America I believe public celebrations of menstruation and especially of menarche started in the 1960s and 1970s with the rise of feminism. I suspect Europe has an earlier history of this, not having been bound by a society that usually suppressed sexuality.

This announcement seems suspiciously commercial, almost an ad for a dance teacher. But read it for yourself.

For a later, American celebration that was a tad more graphic (I think, anyway) see Tamara Wyndham's celebration.

This comes from the catalog "Menstruation: Monatshygiene im Wandel von 1900 bis heute," Text und Katalog: Sabine Zinn-Thomas und Walter Stolle. Eine Ausstellung des Hessischen Landesmuseums Darmstadt in der Außenstelle Lorsch, 26.11.1998 bis 31.7.1999. My translation: "Menstruation: Changing menstrual hygiene [in Germany, mostly] from 1900 to today [1998]." Text and catalog: Sabine Zinn-Thomas and Walter Stolle. An exhibition of the Hessian State Museum, Darmstadt, in the branch at Lorsch, from November 26, 1998 to July 31, 1999.

My translation lies under the Flugblatt - a flyer, handbill

My translation:

A Festival for Our Daughters

Women celebrate their menstruation

Suggestions and exchange of experiences in connection with meditative-folk dancing

A weekend seminar in spring, 1988, in Frankfurt
for mothers of 10 - 15 year old girls
with the movement teacher DAGMAR VON GARNIER

In order to participate you must be experienced with simple, "gebundenem" circle dancing in order to enter best prepared into the movement experience that leads to the theme Daughter - Menstruation - Possibilities of Celebration ["versärkt" seems to be a typo for "verstärkt"]

The longer and harder interested women "tune in" during this weekend the richer the exchange for everyone will be.

Until then get the tips for preparation and available dance appointment times as well as exact information about this special weekend in spring, 1988, from Dagmar von Garnier, 6000 Frankfurt 70, 33 Schneckenhof Street, (please enclose 1 German Mark, not an envelope)

It's planned to put the collected experiences in written form for women who weren't able at attend. Interested women please put 1 German Mark with their request and write Text for "A Festival for Our Daughters." As soon as it's ready (after summer 1988) you'll be notified when it'll be ready and for how much.

Please give this notice to as many women with young daughters as possible.

For a later, American celebration that was a tad more graphic see Tamara Wyndham's celebration.

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