Early American pads in newspaper ads. Early Modess pads in newspaper ads.
Kotex ad emphasizing shame, 1992
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Silhouettes menstrual pads, Johnson & Johnson
Ad, Für Sie [For You] magazine, issue #18, Germany, 1988

Johnson & Johnson, which made probably the first disposable American menstrual pad, Lister's, made Silhouettes, which might refer to a lack of outline under tight clothing.

But the birds dipping into what should be menstrual blood grab your eye. Such delicate dolls dip into water, of course, playing on the old toys of birds doing exactly that.

What deserves guffaws is the blue water (and thus blue bird), the ancient -- well, 20th century -- avoidance of honest red by bluing things. Some companies actually used red but those companies marketed in adult cultures.

But isn't this a fabulous example of the American expression blue nose - prude?

Below: The page measures  8 3/16 x 11 7/8" (ca. 20.8 x 30 cm).
My translation from top left, then top right, then through to the bottom of the page:
Every pad absorbs moisture. The new Silhouettes absorbs moisture and remains drier.

When you get your period month after month you can certainly do without additional unpleasantness. For example, that pads get wet and feel that way - wet and unpleasant.

With the new Silhouettes your days will be drier. The new thing with Silhouettes are the fine pores in the surface called "Top dry." Moisture is not only faster absorbed and brought to the interior but also more safely held -- away from your body. A special area in the center of the pad distributes the moisture along the length and prevents wetness at the sides. That makes Silhouettes so pleasantly dry. In addition Silhouettes is anatomically formed and sits perfectly. And that makes Silhouettes so safe.

In order to make you feel drier and safer every day there are Silhouettes as pads, thin pads and panty pads for daily hygiene.

Silhouettes. Assuredly more pleasant days.
Early American pads in newspaper ads. Early Modess pads in newspaper ads. First Kotex ad (1921) -
Kotex ad 1928 (Sears and Roebuck catalog) - Lee Miller Kotex ads (first real person in a menstrual hygiene ad, 1928)

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