See a Pursettes booket for teenagers (late 1950s?).
The Pursettes black plastic tote (carrier) with tampons. (An ad sold the tote, and an enthusiastic customer mentions the tote in her testimonial.)
Tampax keeps an eye on its competitor Pursettes:
Tampax tampon inter-office memo with attached ads, U.S.A., 1964
See ads for Pursettes: September 1972 (letter testimonial) - August 1973 (letter testimonial) - February 1974 (cartoon story) - August 1974 (cartoon story) - October 1974 (cartoon story) - See a 1965 ad for a Pursettes school educational kit - Pursettes Getting to Know Yourself booklet for girls - other teaching booklets: Growing Up and Liking It and How Shall I Tell My Daughter?
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Pursettes menstrual tampons box of 40, 1960s?
Campana Corp., Batavia, Illinois, U.S.A.
teenage, women, health, menstruation, no applicator, lubricated tip

Campana seemed to aim Pursettes (small enough to fit in a purse) at young users; the ads emphasize that (more ads in the column at left).

That has to do with the tampon size and its lubricated tip, which would sneak into the vagina through the often narrow hole in the hymen of a virgin or at least that of a women who has not had children. Hey, the instructions discuss this, not just me.

Pursettes apparently didn't survive the 1970s, when Johnson & Johnson bought the German tampon o.b., which also lacked an applicator. Was it because Americans didn't like to put their fingers into their vaginas? Tampax eliminated that closeness as explained at length in a German pamphlet (translated). Menstrual cups and sponges would seem to also have that problem. European women possibly had less of a problem with that (o.b.).

Pursettes did, however, offer a tampon with an applicator - a lubricated applicator, probably in the 1960-70s.

The early (1930s?-40s) no-applicator Dale tampon (with an ad) also had a lubricated tip, rare among menstrual tampons.

I thank the contributor!

Below: P. 2. The stained box (from water?) measures - lessee, where's my ruler - 4 x 2 1/2 x 2 1/2" (about 10 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm). It looks as if it has a thin, shiny, hard plastic coating overall.
Left: This is one of two identical ends of the box you see below.
Just to make this more exciting (!) I added the top of an identical 40-pack from the same donor (at right) that shows a different price and different numbers above but also from Jordan Marsh.
Jordan Marsh was once a an important chain of department stores in the U.S. It disappeared after Pursettes did.
Below: One large side of the box.
"NO APPLICATOR NEEDED": Many tampons before Pursettes had no applicator - European like o.b., American like Lotus, A.C.C. Tamponettes, Secret, Sa-tips, San-Nap-Pak and Daints, For the Woman of Charm, which I hope includes YOU. Tampax ruled the applicator market with few exceptions that included LOX theatrical tampon.
And the early (1930s?-40s) no-applicator Dale tampon (with an ad) also had a lubricated tip.
Below: Bottom of the box.
Below: Second large side of the box.
Below: The top flap.

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Pursettes booket for teenagers (late 1950s?). Pursettes black plastic tote (carrier) with tampons.
Tampax tampon inter-office memo about Pursettes with attached ads, 1964 - Are you in the know? BOOKLET
of the riveting pad & etiquette tips for teens from Kotex (1956) - Many Pursettes ads in the left column.

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